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About Mia Melendez

Fitness for Every Body

I am a graduate of Body Arts Science International (BASI) Graduate Pilates Program and a Pilates Method Alliance Nationally Certified Instructor. I have a passion for helping clients find their fit selves after significant life changes like child birth or illness.  I truly believe in fitness for EVERY body.  You need not be an athlete to be FIT.  Through Pilates, I teach my clients to live more efficiently in their bodies.  We work hard together to build strength in good form and function so when you leave the studio, you will feel FIT and better abled to your life.  As a MELT instructor,  I utilize the Method to enhance your mobility, stability, and performance.  The MELT Method is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain while easing the mind and restoring overall wellbeing.  My sessions include a mixture of both Pilates and MELT techniques to help free the body of stress, restore balance, and increase strength, so that you may live your life with joy and ease.  

Mia's Background:

BASI Pilates: Completed Foundations and Graduate Comprehensive

Apparatus Teacher Training Programs - Certified Pilates Instructor

Pilates Method Alliance: Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

MELT Certified Instructor - L5

ACE Certified: Group Exercise Instructor

Bootybarre: Plus, Flex & Flow, Prenatal & Postnatal & bbarreless

LIVESTRONG Certified Trainer: (cancer survivorship, post-rehabilitation exercise and supportive cancer care)
Zumba: (Basic, Aqua, Kids, Kids Jr.)
B.S. Arcadia University: Psychology

Continued Education:

  • Shoulder Biomechanics

  • Hip and Knee Biomechanics

  • Understanding the Pelvic Floor

  • Pilates and Menopause

  • Foot Matters in Pilates

  • Countering Computer Posture

  • Certification for Pilates for Rehabilitation

  • Breath, Labor, & Postnatal Recovery

  • Balancing Stability and Mobility Through Pregnancy 

  • New Pain Narratives: Applying the Biophyschosocial Model in the Pilates Studio

  • Pain Perception and Proprioception in Pilates

  • Physiology of Pain

  • Bioneuropsycho-lates Treatment for Chronic Pain

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment - Working with Disabilities

  • Empowering Progress: Supporting Clients to Move through Pain

  • Body by Breath

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Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

Mia is an amazing personal trainer. I thought I was weight training properly, but was confused by all the small injuries and pains I was experiencing. Through her detailed guidance, it became very clear that I was engaging the wrong muscles, and instead helped me to build a much stronger core and focus on exactly what I should be doing for each move. Now, even as I’m walking, or working on a computer, or relaxing in front of the tv, I can clearly define when I am properly engaged, and adjust accordingly. I know this will have long-term benefits for my time in the gym as well as when I get older and my posture becomes even more important.
Not only is Mia incredibly knowledgeable, but she explains all the concepts in a clear and tangible way. She is also a joy to be around; her positive and engaging manner immediately puts me at ease! I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone trying to focus on long-term goals for a stronger self (the right way).

Cheryl L.

Mia’s pre/post-natal Pilates class really helped me regain core strength after two C-sections, diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia. I have previously done extensive physical therapy and personal training for sports related back pain and Mia’s class has been as effective, if not more, than most of the work I have done before to prevent back pain. Thanks to Mia’s class, even with little time to work out my back and core are in as good as shape as ever. Mia is fun and personable and her class always has other great moms and moms to be.

Jenn C.

When I started taking Zumba classes two years ago, I was solidly out of my comfort zone. But Mia’s warmth and enthusiasm instantly drew me in. I look forward to her booty-shaking class every Friday —we have a blast, and the hour flies by!

Lauren M.

There are many reasons why I love Mia's classes. Mia brings a wide array of expertise to her classes- a deep knowledge of pilates; a structured curriculum that is anchored in proper form and builds on steady progressions; her strong communication skills that articulates clearly how to move and experience your body; and her genuine care for the wellbeing of her students. Since taking Mia's class, I live differently in my body with more awareness, more self-compassion and more strength.  I carry the practice I do in her class throughout the day with with me. I'm so grateful to have found Mia!!

Florence L.

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What I Do

As a certified instructor, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or design your own. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today.


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